Another popular Christmas tree because of its pyramidal shape and steely blue color. Native to 3000 ft. elevations of the Western North American mouintains. Fast growing, therefore getting quite large and living to be 300 years old. Also growen for lumber to build homes. In the lower altitudes of the Rogue Valley, plant on slopes or mounds prividing good drainage. Also prefers afternoon shade and plant ground cover or mulch to keep root zone gool during our warm summer months.


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Category Trees: Evergreen
Plant class coniferous evergreen
Plant shape pyramidal
Plant type tree
Growth rate moderate growing
Placement Likes afternoon shade
Hardiness -15 F
Soil Type acidic soil
Fertilizer Bumper Crop Rhody & Azalea & Holly
Deer resistance moderate
Water requirements Needs Good Drainage
Soil ammendments Use Acid Planting Mix
Height 90 to 120 FT
Spacing 30 FT
Spread 30 to 50 FT