Smooth and crisp yet tender flesh, this apple holds for months under refrigeration. Superb late seasonfruit: very crisp and tangy, more flavorful than Granny Smith. Excellentkeeper. Green with dark red blush. October-November harvest. 700 hours (est.). Self-fruitful.


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Category Trees: Fruit
Flower description White flowers
Flower season in Spring
Plant class deciduous broadleaf
Plant shape rounded
Plant type tree
Growth rate moderate growing
Placement LIKES SUN
Hardiness -15 F
Soil Type well drained soil
Fertilizer use All Purpose 16-16-16
Fruit description sweet/tart
Berry description Crisp, tangy apple in Fall
Water requirements water regularly
Soil ammendments BC Soil Conditioner
Height 10 to 18 FT
Spacing 10 FT
Spread 10 to 18 FT